This ultrasound can be done from 15-40 weeks.

What’s Included: 6 printed 4D photos, flash drive containing your scan, gender determination (if desired), listen to baby heartbeat, baby gift bag. 4D and HD live pictures.

Price: $99

Session Length: 20 minutes

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Adorable Me

This package features HD live ultrasound. Best pictures after 20 weeks.

What’s Included: A small heartbeat animal of your choice, gender, listen to baby heartbeat, flash drive of your scan, 6 printed HD live and 4D pictures. Upgrade to a large heartbeat animal for $10.

Price: $115

Session Length: 20 minutes

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Sweet Cheeks

This package is all about those sweet cheeks! We really focus on face during this package, so I recommend doing this between 25-32 weeks. This is an HD Live and 4D scan.

What’s Included: 25 minutes of 2D, 4D, and HD live scanning.  DVD set to music, personalized photo album, large heartbeat animal in a basket with a homemade blanket, printed images and flash drive

Price: $159

Session Length: 25 minutes

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Watch Me Grow

This is a great way to watch your baby grow from 10 weeks to newborn with beautiful HD live ultrasounds!

This is basically the Peek a Boo and Sweet Cheek packages, plus an additional 4D scan, all for one price! I would recommend coming in at 15, 24, and 30 weeks.

What’s Included: You will receive 6-8 images with each session. At the third scan you will take home the gift basket. A DVD set to music and a photo album of all three scans will be mailed to you. One flash drive.

Price: $245

Session Length: 25 minutes

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Reassurance Scan

When you just can’t wait for that first ultrasound. This is an early ultrasound done between 8 and 13 weeks.we will listen to the heartbeat and take a quick look at the baby.

What’s Included: 6 2D pictures.

Price: $30

Session Length: 5-10 minutes

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Gender Reveal

We can determine the gender starting at 15 weeks. This is a brief  2D (black and white) ultrasound for gender determination. We will listen to the heartbeat, and look at the baby.

What’s Included: 6 printed pictures

Price: $49

Session Length: 15 minutes

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