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Capturing the Earliest Moments

Seeing the first images of your baby is a LANDMARK MOMENT in your pregnancy. Our team at First Glance Ultrasound Studio is proud to reveal so many of these first images of your baby. Our staff is comprised of energetic, compassionate, and caring professionals. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service.

All ultrasounds are performed by a registered and experienced team of sonographers committed to providing the best quality of images of your baby in a comfortable, clean, and nurturing environment. You’ll get a great view of your baby with our state-of-the-art equipment (Voluson  S8 with HD Live technology) and large screen HDTV. There is enough space in the ultrasound room so that your family and friends can join in on THIS TRULY AMAZING experience.

We have been proudly serving expecting families in NORTHWEST OHIO for seven years.  We are proud to have had thousands of expecting families come through our doors.


My name is Maribeth Toumazos, I have been a registered sonographer with the American registry of diagnostic sonographers for thirty years.  My passion is obstetrical ultrasound and my mission is to offer safe, reliable ultrasounds to expectant parents while creating lasting memories.

I have been doing elective ultrasounds for expectant parents in the area for many years. It is so wonderful sharing in the joy of a new baby, watching a new mother see her baby for the very first time, and revealing the gender if desired.

Once the parents hear their baby's heartbeat for the first time, they immediately feel reassured. It is such an amazing process when you start showing parents the baby and then flip on the HD Live, it takes their breath away; they are in awe!

When Making Appointments

In order to perform the ultrasounds parents must provide First Glance Ultrasound Studio and Boutique with the following information:

  • Names
  • Phone Numbers
  • Due Date
  • Obstetrician’s name

Standard appointments are by appointment only.  We have some Sunday appointments.  Please call 419.557.BABY or go online to schedule your appointment now.

First Glance does its best to provide the best possible images. Unfortunately babies do not always cooperate, fetal position, the amount of amniotic fluid, fetal movements, and mother’s body type can impact the quality of ultrasounds.

Since this type of ultrasound is an elective procedure, it is not covered by insurance. Full payment is required at the time of service.




Maribeth is awesome! She took the time to answer questions I had and was very kind. She was very knowledgeable and was fun to talk with. On top of that, she took time out of her schedule to call me back and answer some questions I had on an issue and really have me detailed information and recommendations. What a gem she is!!! Can’t wait to go back in December for the sweet cheeks package!

Katie Newland

Great prices and a great experience. My wife and I left more than satisfied and will be returning again with our next child.

Very impressed with their work! The time spent on the DVD, scrapbook, and gift basket was amazing. Definitely would recommend Maribeth at First Glance.

Such an amazing experience! Maribeth went above and beyond and I could not be more pleased with everything she did for us and our little guy! Highly recommended!

Very impressed with the work she did. Went to her for the gender reveal and just went back to see my little one at 28 weeks.  The time she put into the scrapbook and the DVD and the gift basket was amazing. Definitely would recommend her!!!

Val Orians

First Glance Ultrasound Studio staff was very kind and knowledgeable and was fun to talk with. On top of that, she took the time to call me back and answer some questions I had on an issue, she gave me detailed information and recommendations. What a gem she is!! Can’t wait to go back for my sweet cheeks package.

I have had both my children’s gender revealed here 100% accurate at 15 weeks. Also, the pictures are amazing have had the peek a boo packages and sweet cheeks. My only place I’d choose for my amazing extra ultrasounds. My children looked exactly like the photos taken too, love the accuracy. Would recommend to anyone.

Rebecca Flores

My experience with Meribeth was amazing! We decided to do the peek a boo and sweet cheeks packages. Not only did we capture some beautiful images of our little one, but we received our gift basket that was very personal to us! We are doing our daughter’s room in mermaids, and in our basket, we got a beautiful Ariel Little Mermaid blanket and our colors were all put into the basket. Not only was the basket great, but the atmosphere made when she does the ultrasounds is awesome. You can really tell she enjoys her job and what she does. I always feel so comfortable getting my scans done. Thank you so much! I will be recommending to friends.

Alex McCartney