Heartbeat Animals

Capture the memory of hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time with our adorable Heartbeat Animals. They are available in small and large.

Small: $20
Large: $30

Gift Basket

Great gift idea for expectant parents!  Includes heartbeat animal and blanket all wrapped up in a basket ready to go.


Gender Reveal Fun

Liven up your gender reveal party!  Your choice of a large ceramic ball, football, baseball, or golf ball that will explode pink or blue powder upon impact to reveal the baby’s gender.

Football: $19.50

Large Ceramic Ball:  $ 17.50

Baseball: $15.50

Golf Ball: $12.50

Heartbeat Keepsakes

We are excited to partner with Heartbeat Keepsakes, selling a wide range of items directly from our Boutique!

Heartbeat Keepsakes is a unique way to memorialize the important people in your life, whether they be young or old. First Glance Ultrasound has partnered with Heartbeat Keepsakes to make sure that everyone has the chance to enjoy their own piece of custom Heartbeat Jewelry.