In-House Newborn/Maternity Photographer

Are you overjoyed about the upcoming birth of your little one and excited to share him or her with … well everyone?? Me too!

Here at Kristen Joan Photography I provide full service portrait sessions. From prep guides to props, from parent wardrobe to high quality products, and everything in between, I provide it for my clients. I have over 5 year of experience, an established and incredibly satisfied client base, and, most importantly, an overwhelming passion to capture portraits you’ll treasure forever.

My experience encompasses photographing over 500 families, attending and maintaining newborn safety training, acquiring education on print optimization, and holding an international award. Rest assured your family’s newest member and most cherished memories are in good, capable hands. Just check out this testimonial from one of my beloved clients….


Let’s be honest though, I do have a life outside of photography, an exciting one…well … as exciting as the life of a mom with 3 girls can get. ​


We stay busy with homeschooling, swim practices, and dance classes; we love our church, our rare date nights, and family movie/game nights; I survive with bulletproof coffee, popcorn, hot baths, and wine; and we surround ourselves frequently with loved ones. We live a crazy, fun, family oriented life; and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you’re smitten with the idea of creating precious family heirlooms, heirlooms to highlight this once in a lifetime milestone in your little one’s life, here’s how you get started BOOK A CONSULT

I can’t wait to welcome you to my studio and meet your adorable new addition!

All my love, Kristen

Contact for Kristen Joan Photography

Kristen Schnipke – Owner/Photographer
Phone: (419)303.8666